Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers by Jason L. Ma

Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers

Book Title: Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers

Publisher: Young Leaders 3.0 Press

ISBN: 0990973476

Author: Jason L. Ma

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Jason L. Ma with Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers

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Welcome to Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers! You are about to embark on an exciting ride following the transformative journeys of a diverse group of 23 millennial leaders. These handpicked 17-to-24-year-old contributors are young alumni and current students who hail from all eight Ivy League universities (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale), Babson, Bowdoin, Colgate, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, MIT, Northwestern, Oxford, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UChicago, and USC. Yet, these young leaders' accomplishments transcend standardized test scores, GPAs, and résumés to reveal a more human and multifaceted view of achievement and growth. These stories provide an inside look into their personal successes and failures along with proven strategies you can apply in your own life to get ahead.
How This Book Benefits High School Students
Gain a rare look into the secrets of college prep and admissions success. You will get advice from these exemplary young leaders on selecting extracurricular and summer activities, building relationships, developing both study and leadership skills, learning from mistakes made, and preparing for college applications. The array of unique college application personal essays, accompanied by author Jason L. Ma's commentary, will inspire you to craft original and creative college applications that will boost your chances of acceptance, help you choose the right university, and assist you in making a smooth transition to college life.
How This Book Benefits University Students and Millennial Professionals
Find insight into your fields of interest to get started in your professional or entrepreneurial career and to take your dreams and goals to the next level. Pick up strategies to help you build employable skills, find internships and jobs, choose what types of companies or nonprofits to join, and adapt to the needs of this dynamically changing world. Learn invaluable skills on and off campus, including how to manage failure.
How This Book Helps Parents, Educators, and Employers
Discover how the next generation of leaders wishes to change our future. Learn how to relate to and support them, and strengthen your own family values. Take the parenting of teens and the nurturing of millennials for success to the next level. Understand what leadership education really is.
More on Why This Book Will Help You
This book is the culmination of Jason L. Ma's years of experience as a leading millennial and teen mentor, success coach, speaker, and author. Young Leaders 3.0 offers a wealth of insights and strategies he developed through his work with hundreds of talented individuals, his reflections on his own successes, and the invaluable lessons he has gleaned. By observing what drives these young people to become leaders in their fields, Ma has come to recognize successful and not-so-effective patterns in their approaches to life, school, and work. You will see how they think, act, and strive to change the world. 
In Young Leaders 3.0, Ma combines these millennial achievers' thoughtful reflections and personal visions with his own analysis and wisdom. The Epilogue summarizes important themes, identifies success patterns, and offers concluding actionable advice. By suggesting new models and indicating paths that these young leaders have paved, Ma's book will inspire and guide young people to succeed in any endeavor, and also show parents, educators, and employers how to effectively support the next generation.